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Ojibway App iPhone

Ojibway App icon full resolution
In 2010, the Ojibway App was originally designed for the iPad and later developed for the iPhone in 2011.  The App was first designed to teach my daughter Ojibway. She was 10 years old and didn’t learn the language using books. We purchased hundreds of dollars in dictionaries and workbooks with not results.  Many of the books went unopened.

We as parents had to find another way to teach our kids Ojibway.  This was about the time that Apple introduced the iPad.  My daughter Sarah wanted an iPad when they first came out so we traveled to the United States to purchase an iPad for her (I also bought one for myself).   That’s when I started making an App that would teach her Ojibway, how to speak it and learn short simple words.  She picked up a few words and even spoke Ojibway to her grandmother over the phone.

You can download the Ojibway App on iTunes for your iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

Download Native Ojibway App

Screenshots of the Ojibway App

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  1. Good Morning,
    Is it possible to have some of the Ojibway Language App Bookmarks sent to our office? We offer an Ojibway Language class out of our building and have been handing these bookmarks out to the participants.

    Please let me know what can be done! Thank you.

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